MY REVIEW of GABRIEL Guardian Defenders book 1

Kris Michaels is an AMAZING storyteller and her suspense romances are the best im my opinion.

Gabriel’s book was everything and more that I hoped it to be and it’s my new favorite in all of the Guardian books.

So amazingly written.

I loved the era (80’s) the story was written in. That was my era and liked that I could’ve identify with many things.

Let me start with Anna Harriger.. love her so much!! She was dorky, sweet, caring and so strong. She was perfect for Gabriel.

Reading about Gabriel or the mysterious David Xavier was awesome. So protective of Anna. And love reading about the beginning of Guardian.

The storyline and the suspense were amazing and so good.

Usually I don’t like Anthologies, but like always Kris Michaels is amazing in everything she does.

I don’t want this series to EVER end.

If you like Security Suspense Romance or Militarily Romance, then you’ll have to read The Kings of Guardian, Guardian Security Shadow World or The Guardian Defender. They are a must read.

My Rating: 5 STARS!





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