RELEASE BLITZ: Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders.

Title: Risking Everything
A Steamy Anthology of First Responders
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 5, 2019
Discover ten spicy stories about brave first responder men and women
from some of your favorite romance authors. All proceeds go to the Stephen
Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.
Romance on the Rig by Kara Liane: Finding love on and off the ambulance proves difficult
for Air Force veteran Murf—until he meets Lana, a game-changer. Murf may be an
EMT hero, but he’s only human. Mistakes happen in love, and a misunderstanding
keeps them apart. It’s time to make things right and answer the call from the
Reconstructed Heart by K.L. Montgomery: Trey Prince never expected to make a gruesome
discovery at an accident scene only a few months into his new job with the
Collision Reconstruction Unit, and he never expected Trooper Jenna Labato to be
the one who helped him pick up the pieces. No matter how badly Jenna wants to
help him heal, Trey isn’t sure his heart or faith can ever be restored—not
without something close to a miracle.
Walk the Line by Harlow Layne: Gage Walker never thought a call to a scene would
change his life forever until he met Claire Blake. Sparks fly, but when his
fellow Brothers in Blue’s girlfriends are targeted, Gage wants nothing more
than to protect her—even if that means he has to give her up.
Always Kind of Love by Amanda Siegrist: The last thing Ethan McCord wants to deal with is
his old high school flame, even though his desire for her hasn’t diminished.
Battling the burning blazes and an arsonist bent on destruction is nothing
compared to fighting the temptation to rekindle the love he always wanted.
Beautiful Persuasion by A.K. MacBride: Raelyn wasn’t supposed to fall for the rebound guy,
but the moment Griffin opened his mouth, he drew her in with his sexy Irish
accent and dark gaze. As one night of sizzling passion develops into something
more, she’s forced to choose between the man who sets her heart ablaze and the
only family she has left.
Going Down by Jody Kaye: Devastated by her parents’ divorce, Kat’s looking to
regain the stability she took for granted. Dash Newhouse is a drifter, paying
his bills by skiing at a new mountain each season. Paired together on ski
patrol, Dash reminds Kat that she can’t live life to the fullest while playing
it safe. But when the snow melts, will he ride off with her heart?
Rescuing Ryan by Syd Ryan: Ryan is out of the frying pan and into the fire, working
the oldest profession of all time to finish her last year of
nursing school. On the first day, she meets Chris, the sexy firefighter,
as he is licking his wounds of rejection. For Chris, rescuing Ryan will be the
hardest rescue of his life.
Perfect For Me by Alyne Hart: Firefighter Luke O’Conner and ex-model Grace Adams
shared all their firsts in a tiny cabin just outside Sugar Creek. Nine years
later, Grace is back in town, and they find themselves waiting out a storm in
that very same cabin. Fire burns between them as neither seems able to keep
their lips or their hands to themselves.
Call of Fate by Kelsey Cheyenne: After surviving a school shooting, Aubrey Winters
became a dispatcher, dedicating her life to helping people. One fateful call
and a meet-cute at a coffee shop leads Aubrey into the arms of English teacher
Noah Burgess. Can their trauma be overcome when true love calls?
Loving Lindsey
by Larissa Gail: Firefighter Gavin Thomas has no desire to settle down anytime
soon. He’s having too much fun playing the field. That is until he meets
Officer Lindsey Allen, who’s moved to Oaktown to start over after a devastating
loss. Can the blue-eyed beauty convince him to change his ways?

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